Second Unit Director
Aerial Co-ordinator
Camera and Stunt Pilot of Helicopters, Aeroplanes and Balloons
Camera Operator

Marc Wolff - Second Unit Director

Marc Wolff brings a fresh approach to the role of second unit director; which comes from over 40 years of working on a huge variety of films, from some of the most successful features of all time, to small-scale documentaries, commercials and television drama.

Marc's career in films began as a camera and stunt pilot. His work has taken him to over 50 countries on 6 continents. He has experience in all manner of climates and working conditions including: desert, mountain, jungle, ocean, and congested city-centre environments. This wide-ranging experience of many cultures, locations and landscapes, which includes work on over 170 feature films, enables him to visualise on a grand scale. Marc has directed a range of sequences from big stunts, car chases and fire fights to intimate dialogue scenes with actors in the studio. His directing experience extends from day to night, interior to exterior, studio and location, on the water, under the ground and in the air.

He learned his trade by working with the best in the business: directors such as: Stanley Kubrick, Steven Speilberg, Ridley and Tony Scott, George Lucas, Ron Howard, Mike Nichols, Brian De Palma, Steven Soderburg, Oliver Stone, Michael Apted, JJ Abrams, Gillian Armstrong, Martin Campbell, Roger Spottiswode, Taylor Hackford, Wolfgang Petersen, Mike Leigh, Sharon Maguire, Mike Newell, Guy Ritchie, Mathew Vaughn, and Hugh Hudson, and top second unit directors such as Vic Armstrong, Simon Crane, Alexander Witt, Mic Rogers, Doug Coleman and Mickey Moore as well as new, young, directing talent including: Neil Marshall, Brett Eisner, David Gordon Green, Jaume Collet-Serra,Matthew Vaughn, and Stephen Gaghan. Following in their footsteps, Marc's goal is to bring magical images to the screen that both captivates and thrills the audience.

Marc has directed a large number of actors, demonstrating an astute ability to handle sensitive situations, and challenging characters. while obtaining moving performances. They include: Hugh Grant, Robert Carlyle, Tom Courtney, Mel Gibson, Hilary Swank, Diane Kruger, January Jones, Aidan Quinn, Ralph Brown, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Crutchley, Sean Pertwee, Darren Morfit, Nora Jane Noone, Rick Warden, Angus Banett, Gary George, Jade Davidson, Tom Hardy, Leslie Simpson, Chris Robson, Natalie Boltt, Sebastian Koch, Mido Hamada and others. He has shown he can handle difficult personalities under tight time constraints and stressful circumstances, while obtaining moving performances. He has gained the actors' confidence and trust, enabling them to express themselves and bring their character to life. He has directed some of the principal cast in films such as Bridget Jones Diary, Air America, Flood, Amelia, Doomsday and Unknown.

Marc believes passionately that the second unit director must complement and enhance the work and vision of the main unit director. He studies the main unit director's style, composition, pacing and camera movement to ensure that scenes and sequences shot by the second unit blend seamlessly, and cut together in harmony, with those of the main unit. He achieves this through good communication and co-ordination with the director and all of the main unit's key personnel, especially the editor, the director of photography and the production designer. He insists that all the second unit's HODs liaise closely with their respective counterparts on the main unit. Marc strives to become an extension of the main unit director, emphasising loyalty, and shooting first what the director wants, thereby ensuring that the work of the second unit ends up in the film.

Marc also places the strongest possible emphasis on working efficiently, with a reputation for staying on budget and remaining on schedule. On Universal Picture's Doomsday, he shot a 67 day second unit schedule in S. Afirca, London and Scotland, finishing on schedule and having gone into overtime only once, for a half hour. Marc works closely with the producer and production manager to insure that the money spent on the second unit ends up on screen. He achieves this through thorough preparation and good communication; taping into the skill, talent and energy of the whole unit. He creates a positive atmosphere on-set with his boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, encouraging and motivating the crew with good humour and determination, so they all participate and contribute to the final product. He has gained a reputation for being both effective and quick.

His attention to detail and safety, strong personality and precise working habits bring order, control and efficiency to complex set-ups and stunt sequences. His talent and eye for composition, movement and pacing make his second unit work stunning to look at, exciting to watch and affordable to shoot.